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Factoring:  The Most Powerful Form of Commercial Finance
Factoring is universally recognized as the world's most powerful form of commercial finance available to small and midsize enterprises operating on a B2B basis.  Factoring is also characterized by its simplicity and accessibility. 

In the most easy to understand terms, factoring is simply a method of invoice finance.  With a factoring arrangement in place through Aegis Factors, your business will no longer need to wait 30, 45, 60 days or longer to be paid by slow paying customers.  Our immediate advance of cash on your billings for goods delivered or services performed means that your company's cash flow benefit immensely, almost as if you operated on a C.O.D. basis.

Eliminate Payroll Worries
One of the most immediate benefits of factoring is that it frees up valuable working capital for immediate needs.  In fact, the number one reason small businesses elect factoring as a method of business finance is to provide adequate capital to meet weekly payroll requirements.  (find out more)

Attract New Customers
Once you have established your factoring arrangement, your company's ability to attract new customers will improve dramatically.  Large, creditworthy prospects you previously avoided soliciting business from or contracting with due to their size and slow pay nature, now become excellent business prospects.  You will be able to compete head-to-head for lucrative contracts even with your largest competitors.

How It Works
In spite of its power to solve problems of cash flow, factoring is characterized by its simplicity.  As an Aegis Factors client, you will:

  •  forward your invoices to us on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

  • receive an advance up to 80%-90% upon those invoices, usually within 24 hours, wired directly into your business account

  • receive the 10%-20% balance less our modest factoring fee after your customer pays

  • benefit additionally from our back office support such as the production of monthly customer statements of account, daily collection reports, and weekly aging statements. 

Getting Started with Factoring...TODAY!
Getting started with Aegis is simple. We have been assisting businesses just like yours to grow and prosper for over 20 years.  To get started.

  • Download our simple "Company Profile" and tell us a little about your company and its needs.  Alternatively, you may also complete our short Online Profile and one of our courteous underwriters will contact you to discuss your financing.

  • Our underwriter will explain our operational and fee structure and if our services are right for you, we will overnight contracts to you.  We can usually provide a first funding with 3 calendar days of receiving your contract. 

  • We require no underwriting or contracting fees.  Your only charge for account setup (after acceptance) is a small UCC filing fee of less than $100.






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