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Asset-Based Lending
Asset-Based Lending is a powerful form of commercial finance that primarily focuses on the liquid assets of a company rather than its profitability and financial statements. 

Revolving Line of Credit
Asset-based loans are typically structured as revolving lines of credit.  The line of credit will be adjusted weekly based on your outstanding accounts receivable and inventory on hand as well as certain types of marketable equipment.

Credit Requirements
Unlike factoring which requires little or no credit, to acquire an asset-based line your company will need to have established a certain amount of good credit.  One of the primary methods of establishing credit for young companies, is of course, having a factoring line.  In fact, it is quite common for factors to "window dress" manufacturers and distributors for subsequent asset-based revolving lines of credit.

Wholesale Operations
Asset-Based loans are not provided directly through our factoring portfolios but are sourced through our wholesale operations
area.  At Aegis Factors, we maintain relationships with some of the nation's largest providers of asset-based loans and can quickly and efficiently match your small business and an ABL provider, providing you with the necessary cash your company needs for growth and normal operations.

Is Asset-Based Lending  Right For Your Company?
Is asset-based lending the right solution for your company's needs?  To find out more and speak with an Aegis Factors' underwriter, why not call us today or simply complete our Online Company Profile.  After receipt, a member of our underwriting staff will contact you within 24 hours.






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