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Want to be a part of a prestigious business community that provides financial security in any cycle of the economy?

Join the Broker Network at Aegis Factors
You can earn attractive broker commissions while helping small business owners access the working capital they need for growth and operation. And, our commissions are residual and paid for the life-of-the account.

How Does It Work?
To refer a client to Aegis Factors, you need only have them complete our Standard Company Profile. Submit the Profile along with an accounts receivable aging report, sign the bottom of the Profile as "Broker of Record" and you're done.  If the prospective client your refer is a match for our portfolios and a factoring arrangement is put in place, you will begin receiving commission checks within 60 days.

Our Purchase Guidelines
Our preferences and purchase guidelines are set forth in our Broker's Agreement and Package which is available for download here.  Basically, to approve your customer, their invoices must...

  • Represent goods already delivered or services already performed.

  • Not be pledged to secure a loan to a previous lender.

  • Be collectable from creditworthy customers and not be contingent.

Earning Commissions
Commissions are paid to brokers of record monthly based on the volume of receivable financed.  With our standard grid payment system, you will earn between 10% and 15% of the factoring fees earned for the life of the account.  (See Broker's Agreement)

The Professionals Program...for the Career Oriented
At Aegis Factors, the vast majority of our referrals come from those brokering on just a part time basis to augment the income from their current profession.  This normally includes accounting professionals, bank lending officers, and accounts payable managers among others.

If you are seeking an exceptional part or full time career opportunity, an affiliation with Aegis might be just right for you.  We offer one of the few training and factoring broker business opportunity programs in the industry. The Professionals Program.  

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