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Factoring and Payroll Finance
Once the darling of the garment and textile community, there are few industries in today's modern economies that are untouched by commercial factoring.  But of all its many uses and reasons for being employed, payroll finance, and in particular, payroll finance in the service sector, is by far the most common.  At Aegis Factors, we are specialists in providing payroll solutions to small business.

Factoring for Your Service Company
Most service companies with large payrolls will experience cash flow problems due to slow payment customers and while many supplier bills can be delayed a few days or even weeks, employee payroll cannot.  At Aegis, we have financed hundreds of service providers over our 20 years of providing small business finance solutions including those operating in:

  • Staffing and Temp Services

  • Guard and Security Services 

  • Commercial Lawn Care and Maintenance

  • Janitorial Services

  • Commercial Catering and Event Planning

  • Commercial Equipment Repair Services

  • Oil Rig Welding and Repair Services

  • Many, Many Others

New Service Company...NO PROBLEM
With more and more Americans starting small service companies in the Great Recession and Jobless Recovery, the need for accessible working capital and cash flow solutions has never been greater.  At Aegis Factors, we stand ready to assist services oriented small business entrepreneurs as they launch their enterprises.  In fact, we have provided financing for many small enterprises from day one and their very first invoice.

If you are starting a new services company and anticipate the need to smooth out cash flow for employee payroll, why not give us a call today.  Our courteous underwriters can explain the benefits of our services, the modest costs, and assist you in getting set up, usually in less than 5 business days.


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