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For small business entrepreneurs, opportunities to grow your business do not come along everyday. But growth can be severely handicapped when an opportunity to bid on a big, profitable order does present itself but you are unable to compete due to the lack of financing to execute it. With bank loans still difficult, especially for early stage small business, where can you turn.  At Aegis Factors, we may have the solution for you.

Purchase Order Finance at Aegis Factors
For our accounts receivable factoring clients operating in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, purchase order finance can often provide the financial mechanism to say "YES" to a large, out of the norm order.  With a purchase order finance arrangement provided by Aegis Factors, we will provide the necessary financing to either purchase or have your goods built by a contract manufacturer.  Once delivered to your customer, we will then finance the large invoice through normal factoring.

Purchase Order Funding Parameters at Aegis Factors
Aegis can provide your company with purchase order finance under the following conditions:

  • Your company must be a current factoring client with a minimum of $100,000 per month is receivables being factored.  We do not provide purchase order finance on a "stand alone" basis.  The maximum amount of purchase order finance provided will be 25% of your current receivables balance being factored.

  • You must either be a distributor or contract manufacturer.  We do not provide purchase order finance for service providers (contract finance).

  • The finished goods must go directly from the manufacturer to the customer.  We do not fund inventory and raw materials for goods in process.

  • The purchase order must be valid and without conditions for cancellation.  The account debtor (your customer) must be pre-approved for credit. 

In the event that you are currently not an Aegis Factors accounts receivable factoring client and factoring your receivables with us, we can often provide your company with purchase order finance it requires through our wholesale operations department. 

To further explore our ability to provide a factoring / purchase order financing arrangement for your business, simply complete a standard Company Profile and tell us a little about your needs or, alternatively, complete our short online application / contact request form.  A member of our underwriting staff will contact you within 24 hours.

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