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Guard Service Financing $750,000 Welding Company $50,000 Financing Provided
Small Manufactirer:  $350,000 credit faciliity Staffing Company:  $250,000 factoring arrangement provided
Seafood Distributor:  $100,000 factoring arrangement provided Building Maintenance:  $125,000 factoring facility provided

About Aegis Factors

All early stage small business owners are painfully aware of the difficulties they face when attempting to secure adequate amounts of working capital through traditional bank financing.  In many cases, it is not that banks do not want to lend, it is simply that they are far too regulated and covenant restricted to provide financing to anything but the most creditworthy of clients with long operational histories.

At Aegis Factors, we are seasoned experts in the various financing products included in the alternative commercial finance markets.  Such "alternatives" to traditional bank "financial statement" lending include:

The consultants at Aegis Factors are highly-trained and seasoned professionals who work closely with small business owners when the need for capital arises.  As commercial finance consultants, we have access to over 500 "niche" lenders who specialize in various industries and business types.  Our service fees are very modest and are never charged until you actually have access to the funds you require.  In fact, in most cases, our service fees are paid by the lender at loan closing and not by our clients.  

Accessing Our Services

Establishing your consulting relationship with Aegis Factors is easy. Simply give us a call for a complimentary consultation so we can determine your business capital needs.  Our "solutions" team will provide you with ready alternatives and in many cases, will set up a conference call with one of our courteous underwriters to detail our lending terms and conditions.