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About Wholesale Operations at Aegis Factors
At Aegis Factors, we manage two accounts receivable factoring portfolios providing working capital and cash flow solutions to hundreds of small business owners, just like you.  We are currently in our twentieth year of operation and provide factoring services to a broad range of industries.
For those industries we do not service directly, however, we do provide financing through our wholesale operations department.

How Wholesale Operations Works
Wholesale operations is almost identical to our standard financing / factoring services with the exception that your account will not be handled through our portfolios but rather by another specialty lender.  You will initially be qualified by an Aegis underwriter who will discuss your needs and provide various financing options.  Once your capital needs and requirements  have been identified, we will provide the necessary financing through the best qualified lender.  There are no upfront charges and you will pay no additional fees for utilizing our placement service through wholesale operations.

Speak with an Underwriter
With over 20 years experience in factoring and providing alternative commercial finance solutions to small business entrepreneurs, our underwriters have developed extensive resources for providing unique funding solutions.  In fact, our current database of 'Lending Partners" numbers well over1,000, with many having unique specialty areas of financing experience.  


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